What is SocialPay?
It is a funding platform to help people to be more active in non-profit activities by addressing
common investing problems in their communities. It focuses on infrastructure-based projects,
education, and management services to make people live more effectively and with purpose.

What can I do to become active and be part of the community?
It is a very simplified process. You can sign up and select from the non-profit organizations you have an
active membership in and like to join in our platform. Then, you wait until we process our application to be
approved by the Office of the entity of choice and by our board.

 What support is available for members, non-profit entities?
We provide new and active members to support all member-based organizational non-profit clients in
our platform. All their new and existing members must go through the pre-screening process and eligibility
test requirements by our board and the Office before they are actively enrolled in membership

How much funding can members get funded?
Any campaigns or projects will be limited to some funding requirements based on each type and the
magnitude. Active participation will be key to get funded coupled with the experience and impact it will
generate on each community.

Are members only allowed to fund more than one project?
Based on the outcome of each campaign, members will select what type of projects will have the
greatest impact of all for which they will seek funding. Unfortunately, they can only have one active
campaign at a time.

Are there different categories to create a campaign project?
Yes, there are right now the first two types one personal and one professional, and both will have some
limit amounts on each to create a fair and dynamic playing field in their financial risks. Any large projects
of large funding at stake will require a team-based approach and collaboration of other members. There
will be different categories to select from based on each project's desired outcome.

Do you have other types of funding for all projects?
No, the funding is available to only these projects that investors/donors select in the programs.

Do I need to have the professional experience to start a campaign project?
No, the platform is for member-based organizations and anyone who belongs to professional non-
profits and active members of non-profits can start a campaign for funding.

Is there a reward for inviting members of other organizations?

No, we rely on active member participation in the community and their non-profit organizations. As long
members are active and are part of the membership of non-profit clients, they can participate in
collaboration to execute project campaigns. The reward is shared through the common interest of

Are there funding limits on campaigns?
Yes. In the one-person project, the campaign can only be funded up to $5,000 for donor-based campaigns and
up to $20000, for Investors -based agreement programs due to the financial risks and the time
commitment to pay back.

Do I get a funding deadline, and Can I reactivate my campaign?
Yes, you do have a funding deadline up to 30 days and reactivate automatically if the funding goal is not met

Are they other ways to meet the funding goal?
There are only ways right now either through donor-based funding and investor-based funding.
Depending on the campaign, members will seek which source of funding is appropriate for the risks and
particular objectives.