How it works

We connect and curate users through membership affiliation to the non-profits of choice in our platform where they can be active and effective by addressing a need / cause to be fulfilled and addressed. We solicit a report of their activities while they are waiting to be confirmed of their active membership/engagement and volunteerism by the Office until confirmed and approved by our board and the Office. We keep track of their membership activities and active social progress and status. Once they have full authorization and meet eligibility requirements with affiliating organizations, they now can seek funding and can submit their projects in our platform and will be issued at SocialPay Card to receive funds. All funds will be available when campaigns deadline stops and fully reaches the goal. Campaigns will be reactivated automatically if their goals are not met. They will be charged a 10 percent fee of each campaign and would not be allowed to run two campaigns at the same time and can belong to one organization at a time, but they can collaborate with others on different campaigns.